The Fleischaker Companies are privately held entities in the oil and gas business. Management is provided by Jolen Operating Company, headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

The Companies

Fleischaker Exploration LLC

Fleischaker Energy LLC

Next Energy Partners LLC

Cheval Unit LLC

Fleischaker Mineral Company LLC

Cripple Creek

Bakken Mineral Account LLC

Buddy Boy LLC

Jolen Production Company

Diamondback Holding Company LLC

DSF Energy LLC

Britton Oil & Gas LLC

Buffalo Coal Gas LLC

Charlie Bear LLC

Dos Taquitas LLC

Really Risky Business LLC

Fleischaker Production LLC

FlyWill Royalty LLC

Fleischaker Family Limited Investment LP

JLF Royalty Resources LLC

JLF WI Resources LLC

June Bug Mineral Management LLC

Double Axel LLC

Lighting Bug LLC

Miller WI LLC


Former Companies

Corbett & Dills Properties LLC

Phoenix Company Ltd

Singer-Fleischaker Oil Co Inc

Aurora Coal Gas LLC

Fleischaker Oil & Gas Ltd

Fleischaker Family LC

R & A Oil Co Inc

SE Joiner Ltd

Rocket-Schusterman Oil Account